Ode to Pamela Anderson

Ok I know what you’re thinking…

“This bitch has lost her mind.”

I had a similar thought when my friend Shani posted a similar blog about Nicole Richie. Ok so hear me out before you judge me and if you choose to judge me after that… well fuck you.

So I am sitting up at 2 in the morning watching random tv and I come across a documentary about Pamela Anderson. Seeing as how there is nothing else on I choose to watch it. About an hour into I realize, this woman is absolutely amazing. Contrary to popular belief, this woman is smart. She is a brand in and of herself, runs her own empire not just a business. She gets more than 150 MILLION hits on websites all over the world, she has 2 TV shows, is the most popular Playboy model in HISTORY, voices a cartoon, is a spokesperson for PETA, writes for Jane magazine and still somehow finds away to not spend more than 3 nights away from her 2 young sons for whom she doesn’t have a nanny or housekeeper. I see why this woman is so damn popular; she’s a goddamn superhero!!! No, I’m not a fan of her larger than life obviously fake breasts or her penchant for nonexistent shirts, belts for skirts and big hair with black roots. However I can’t help but admire a woman who has built an entire career on being a sex symbol who then takes the most unsexy thing in the world (an STD like Hepatitis) and broadcasts it to the world. The fact that this woman is BRAVE enough to tell the world she has an incurable STD and risk her entire livelihood and career just to raise awareness is just amazing to me. Most people live with the shame of having an STD in secret and the fact that she has not only told everyone but has chosen how she is continuing to live her life inspite of is just really inspiring. I mean this woman has survived a very public, very bitter and emotional divorce, broadcast to the world that she has an STD, braved not one but 12 playboy covers, ran around the beach in a bathing suit, and exploited her own brand in order to ensure her own success rather than allowing some idiots in a suit to do it and she has done it in her own way. This is a playboy bunny who has never done full frontal, never worn anything leather or fur despite the pressure to do so, and is actually her own business manager.

So you think I’m still crazy. I don’t care fuck you. If you see the special on vh-1 watch it. You’ll love her too.

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