First and Last?

I’m sitting here listening to a little bit of Nikka Costa. For those of you unfamiliar with her, she's simply brilliant. Right now it's "Push and Pull".Mr. Nothing's got alotHe's got a lot to sayHe's good at being what he's notHe gives nothing awayAnother day goes on byand he never speaks his hearHe takes his … Continue reading First and Last?

Restricted Access

I've been doing quite a lot of reflecting and writing, and the such lately and I have come to one very important conclusion: I don't know how you people deal with me. You know nothing about me hardly, I screen my calls, I am quite emotionally intense, plus the million other things that would make … Continue reading Restricted Access

Entering into an Institution

So anyone who knows me even remotely well knows I have little to no respect for the institution of marriage. Not in a home wrecker "I'll-break-up-your-marriage-and-not-care" sort of way but more so in a "I've-never-seen-it-work-out-so-I'm-very-skeptical-and-don't-think-its-necessary" kinda way. (That took a hella lotta fucking concentration to type.) I have never really seen anyone get married and … Continue reading Entering into an Institution


OHMIGOD!!!! Why is life so fucking difficult?Why am I not already making movies and such?Why is everything such a struggle for me? I see those people who have had such an easy life, where things have always fallen right into place for them, who have never really had to FIGHT for anything.... and I HATE … Continue reading OHMIGOD!!!!