Reason # 45,829 Why I Friggin’ Love Joy

An excerpt from our text message conversation today as to why there are prostitutes hanging around in the bar at the hotel she works in.

Me: Why do they hang around in the bar? The beds are upstairs.
Joy: Yes but would you want some woman wandering around your floor looking
for horny men? Best to let them come to you.
Me: You’re so wise. You’d make a great pimp.
Joy: It would seem so but I’d get tired of slapping at high volume. One slap a day I say.
Me: But if u made enough money couldn’t you just HIRE someone to slap the bitches? I mean that’s like the ultimate supreme in pimpdom.
Joy: Yes but most new businesses don’t have that kind of income for years… hiring a slapper is like hiring a secretary.
Me: Once again you prove to be wise. I kneel and study pimping at your pretty polished feet.

Yes I know what you’re thinking. And yes my best friend is cooler than yours. And probably prettier too.

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