Pretty Lies

What prompts people to lie? What is the thought process between the time when the thought first occurs to someone to lie and when the lie is actually spoken into the universe? What makes us lie to each other? And when do these lies move from helpfully harmless (“No honey you’re not getting fat”) to purposely painful (“No I don’t have feelings for anyone else”) How often are we getting not what we need to know but simply what someone else thinks we wanna to hear?

I’ve never been big on lies. They do more damage than good. I have always said that the truth is something that I can deal with, it is consistent, it doesn’t change, no matter what my feelings are about its nature. Lies, on the other hand, are transient. They change, shift in shape. They aren’t solid, have no foundation. It’s like standing in quick sand; there is no sure footing and there’s no way out but under.

With this being said, I have also never understood why people seek to lie specifically to me. I’ve never been a hard person to talk to. And because of the exorbitant amount of pride that I posses in this tiny little 5’3″ frame, I’ve never really been one for shouting or screaming matches, making a scene when I’ve been hurt or upset. I’m much more about maintaining what little dignity I have left after being lied to and misled, leaving easily on my own terms, leaving you to wonder if you affected me at all. I have often said that if anyone feels the need to lie to me then the problem lies with them because there’s really no good reason to lie to anyone for any reason. Because the fact of the matter is, it always, ALWAYS comes out anyway.

Another reason I don’t know why people bother lying to me is because my instincts border on psychic. Not in some creepy late night infomercial kinda way, but more so in a I-listen-to-my-gut-and-I’m-very-intuned-with-what-my-body-tells-me-in-certain-situations kinda way. More often than not, I know things without them being told to me. I invite everyone to get more in touch with your instincts; they serve you well. People talk to me, people say things and inside I go, No you’re lying. People claim to have been somewhere, claim to have done something and inside I somehow know the truth before it’s ever spoken. And I always find out sooner rather than later. Why do people continue to push?

Why do we tell each other what we wanna hear instead of what is true? I’ll never need a lie more than I’ll need the truth. Don’t set a standard if you aren’t prepared to maintain it. Don’t volunteer information that you know isn’t true because you feel like it will ultimately give you what you want. How many needless, senseless arguments and heartaches would be avoid if only we had the courage to be honest?

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