I'm sitting here listening to a little Nikka Costa and thinking. Which is never, EVER good. Homecoming is officially over and it was ok but with the end of homecoming comes something more significant... the end of distraction as I know it. I don't have any more events, no more nights of hanging at the … Continue reading 12:32

All That Remains

Cleaning up the house todayI found our pictureAnd it made me cryBecause I remember what it was likeTo hold you to my sideBut this is picture is all that's leftYes,it's all that's leftAll I've got is remnants of times that changeHow good it soundedto call your nameAll I've got is faded scars from past painAnd … Continue reading All That Remains

Falling Down

Listening to "Get Gone"Cuz I do know what's good for meAnd I've done what I could for youBut I'm not benefittingAnd yet I'm sittingSinging again, singing againHow can I deal with thisIf he won't get with thisAm I gonna heal from thisHe won't admit to itNothing to figure outI gotta get him outIt's time the … Continue reading Falling Down