All That Remains

Cleaning up the house today
I found our picture
And it made me cry
Because I remember what it was like
To hold you to my side
But this is picture is all that’s left
it’s all that’s left

All I’ve got is remnants of times that change
How good it sounded
to call your name
All I’ve got is faded scars from past pain
And that’s all that remains

All I’ve got
is wishing it could be the same
And exhaustion of this back and forth game
All I’ve got is no one to blame
And that’s all that remains

I sleep on a bed
of words I never got to say
Bound by halls, erected walls of pictures and trinkets
I can’t bear to put away

In the dark I reach out for you
Before I realize that we
has become you and me
And I realize there’re nothing more I can do
Can’t stand to face you

Last night I slept in the shirt you left
Could still smell your scent as I inhaled every breath
And I thought of all the things
I wish you knew
But wishing is all I can do
it’s all I can do

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