I have just been on "The Perfect Date". No, really. I have. It is, quite possibly the best date I've ever been on. Perfect fall night, perfect conversation, perfect dinner, just all around perfect.So now everyone is really happy for me because you know I've found someone to ease my broken heart and make me … Continue reading Perfect

I Just… Can’t

I'm trying.Really I am.Very hard. But I just can't seem to get it together. I get a little bit closer to together and.... YANK!! It's snatched backwards just outta my reach.Sigh.I'm not handling things well really. To be quite honest about it. (Which I'm not very often.) I put on a good front. I make … Continue reading I Just… Can’t


You know how when someone abuses a puppy real bad, how it gets kinda skittish around people? Like, if someone has kicked or hit a puppy how its kinda scared around people? Like how if you scream or drop something, turn on the vaccum or come at the puppy very quickly, theyre little eyes get … Continue reading Damage