You know how when someone abuses a puppy real bad, it gets kinda skittish around people? Like, if someone has kicked or hit a puppy how its kinda scared around people? Like how if you scream or drop something, turn on the vacuum or come at the puppy very quickly, their little eyes get wide with fear? Poor puppies. They don’t wanna be scared. But it’s instinct, purely. They can’t help it. After they’ve weathered so much abuse its only natural that they be kinda skittish, somewhat terrified at the thought of human contact.

Sometimes I feel like a puppy. Why do people keep coming at me quickly? Why do they keep making sudden, loud noises? I keep telling people to handle me gently, don’t push me, don’t rush me, don’t back me into a corner. And yet, they still continue to do things they know will scare me and wonder why my natural instinct is to run, to avoid human contact.

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