Bits and Pieces

“I have been broken, beaten, bent and abused but I realize I am not fighting because I have to win… I am fighting because I refuse to lose.”

“We as artists must be willing to delve in dark waters that many fear and do not understand. We will be called crazy, we will be called depressing, we will be misunderstood. Power comes in knowing this and choosing to do it anyway.”

“I always wanted to be intoxicated with the feeling of love; I just never thought about the hangover.”
~ Between Lovers Eric Jerome Dickey

“No not baby anymore/if I need you I’ll just use your simple name/Only kisses on the cheek from now on/And in a little while we’ll only have to wave”
~”Love Ridden” Fiona Apple

“Love is never as ferocious as when we fear we might lose it.”
~The Weight of Water Anita Shreeve

“You fondle my trigger then you blame my gun.”
~”limp” Fiona Apple

“Got caught in your web/and I learned how to bleed/was prey in your bed/and devoured completely”
~”Walk Away” Christina Aguilera

“You will find as you look back on your life that the moments that stand out, the moments you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.”
~Henry Drummond

“Leaving, after all, is not the same as being left.”

I will not tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death.”

“So I stand before you now/faulty but not broken/fragile as the break of day/and sometimes sad like words unspoken”
~”Corners of my Mind” Nikka Costa

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