It’ll Make you a Celebrity Overnight

Shani and I have this genius blog called “Overheard at the Mecca” as many of you know because you are loyal readers of both our personal blogs and that one. The purpose of this blog was mainly to put to print all the crazy things we heard and to share them with others as well as to let them share some with us the things they hear on this great campus of ours because we know we’re not the only ones who hear this crazy shit. But as of late, apparently we have pissed off a few members of a certain organization and they have left a few comments, one of which was very specific and very personal. (Really? My whole name? On the internet? And who ARE you anyway? You sign up for a blogger account just to leave a comment because we don’t allow annonymous comments? Pressed much?) And it just got me to thinking about a few things…

#1: On a purely egocentric note… how do you know me? I haven’t even made my first movie yet and people already know pointless trivia about my life. Have I met you? Have we had a conversation? Or do you make it a point to know personal details of other people’s lives whom you’ve not actually spoken to? I guess me and Shani reached our goal… we shared our random overheard-s and got a little under some peoples’ skin. Really, that’s all I want in life.

#2: You will notice that above this particular post, there are 5, yes FIVE, HIGHLY racist posts that we put up. Or I put up and Shani laughed at. Of those 5 posts, we got 1, yes ONE comment. From ONE post about this organization, we get THREE comments. Where is our head at people? Racism is about to be made into a LEGAL mental illness so that the people who tie our children to trucks and drag them for miles can get off with a slap on the wrist. People who rape our women and still burn crosses on our lawns (it happens…I’ve seen it. I live in the south) can get no more than community service or time in a mental hospital depending on the severity of the crime. This is about to be made LAW in our land. And from this we can get no comments? But as soon as someone makes a joke about Greek life, it is ON AND POPPIN’.

Where is our focus people? Yes, it is just a blog. Yes, the highly educated at Howard make some truly ignorant comments no matter how much book sense they’re getting. But in the bigger sense of community, where is our outrage at these things? The over and above legwork to make comments about the injustices that are going on right underneath our noses while we concern ourselves with matter that are just trivial in the grand scheme of things?

Just something to think about.

Anyway, Shani and I are only two people. And more so than that we are two VERY STRESSED AND VERY BUSY people. Don’t believe we’re busy? I haven’t seen Shani since AT LEAST homecoming in OCTOBER. This blog and AIM are our only forms of communication. So if you feel as though we are not presenting a well rounded idea of the musings of the Howard University community, please submit some of your hearings to us at We would appreciate it. We could use a break.

Over the holiday we’re going on hiatus to b oth rest and redo the site so you’ll have a whole new Overheard to come back to next semester. Please feel free to send us things you hear over the break. We’ll post them as soon as we get back and figure out how to settle second semester seniors with still having lives and 2 jobs. And if you feel as though there is something you’d like to say about the things we post or the things we do around campus, please feel free to email me at However, you’ll have to give me a little time to respond…it is SO HARD to respond to emails with these damn paparazzi always on my tail and the fans always hawkin’.


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