I was gonna do the whole post without spaces just to convey the excitement that I'm feeling right now but my guess is thatwoulddriveyoumorethanalittlecrazytothepointyou'dprobablystopreadingmyblogforever.Am I right?LOL.Hold on... song break...They say your attitude determines your latitudeWell I'm high as a muthafuckaFly as a muthafuckaAnyway, I'm not excited for any other particular reason. Nothing happened. I should … Continue reading funfreakyfreshfriday

What Lies Beneath

"Beauty is, by far, the most dangerous of illusions. It is very much liketrying to peer at the ocean floor; it is far too beautiful on the surface to seewhere it has been worn jagged."I wrote this as part of an essay in middle school and it has always just kindastayed with me. I love … Continue reading What Lies Beneath