I was gonna do the whole post without spaces just to convey the excitement that I’m feeling right now but my guess is thatwoulddriveyoumorethanalittlecrazytothepointyou’dprobablystopreadingmyblogforever.

Am I right?


Hold on… song break…

They say your attitude determines your latitude
Well I’m high as a muthafucka
Fly as a muthafucka

Anyway, I’m not excited for any other particular reason. Nothing happened. I should be sleepy since I’ve been up since 6am, but I’m not. I’m full of energy. So much so that I went to all of my classes which is, in and of itself, a feat considering the fact that of my 2 classes on Friday on intimidates the hell outta me and one bores me almost to tears. After leaving my second class where I wrote HANDS DOWN THE BEST 6 PAGE, 40 MINUTE PAPER THERE EVER WAS IN LIFE, I walked outside invigorated. It’s a beautiful day…a DC day that feels like the fall I got cheated out of. I put on my (new and expensive) shades (so necessary to go with my cute hair) and walked across the yard, smiling, singing REALLY LOUD to my Friday playlist, stopping to talk to the millions of people I know on campus, and even found myself literally laughing out loud at my IM convos on my sidekick. (Olu- CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! LOL) I stopped at the flagpole and looked around me, the noon hour bringing more traffic on the yard than any other time. And it hit me… I’m gonna miss this place. If it wasn’t for the fact that my makeup was so immaculately applied I might have cried. (Kidding!!)

Right now I’m listening to my Friday playlist on my mp3 and getting ready to go meet my favorite guy and his little brother for an afternoon of being a kid. Then, to a dance concert. (Only at Howard is it ok for a professor to make it a mandatory part of your grade for you to go see a performance they are putting on) Then, the movies with Ana (my newest gal pal. HAHA I said ‘gal pal’. I’m like a bad US Weekly…. No I’m kidding. We all know US Weekly isn’t bad. It’s the bible.) Tomorrow is grocery shopping with Ana for our Super Bowl/Grey’s Anatomy party (GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!) then work then probably out. Sunday, all day cooking and watching football with some of my favoritest people. Oh and drinks. LOTS O’ DRINKS. (Peach Cosmo anyone?) And isn’t that REALLY what Sunday is all about?

Today feels and looks like one of those days at the end of a romantic comedy when all is well in the world and the weather reflects it. Like one of those days for starting over, when all is calm and well. When you look back on things and realize that you’re farther than you thought you’d be, out from under things you’d forever be trapped under, when you can really look back on things and laugh, maybe even have a little clarity and, if you’re REALLY lucky, some objectivity. This feels like one of those days that you realize just how old you’re not, and feel free to act half your age. And Lord knows, ain’t no feelin’ like bein’ freeeeee when your mind’s made up and your heart is in the right place. (a little Destiny’s Child off the playlist for those of you who don’t know.) This is, by far, one of my favorite Fridays I’ve had since I’ve been at Howard. How good do I feel? How’s this…. I called my MOTHER. For no reason, just to talk. And I talked to her for a whole hour. NICELY. WOO!! Oh…

And I called Mr. Wonderful.

Yep. Today is gonna be a good day. 😀

Songs on Lauren’s Friday Playlist She Gives you Permission to Adopt onto Your Own:

Love of my Life Common
Free Destiny’s Child
ThisWay Dialated Peoples
September Earth, Wind and Fire
Brand New Rhymefest ft. Kanye West
Change the World Eric Clapton
bubble pop electric Gwen Stefani
Feelin’ so Good j.Lo
It’s Love Jill Scott
Everything is Everything Lauryn Hill
Harder to Breathe Maroon5
Fallen Mya
It Takes Two Rob Bass and DJ EZRock
Smooth Santana ft. Rob Thomas
As Stevie Wonder
Hey Mr. DJ Zhane

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