L’s to the Left of Them…

Lemme tell you what I’m not in the mood for…


I am SO NOT in the mood for bullshit.

Lemme tell you what falls under the catagory of bullshit for me:

Howard University
Working Retail
School work
Howard’s decidely sub-par facilities
The ignorant people who’s life is to work retail and don’t understand why my ultimate goal is not, in fact, overpriced handbags.
Waking up@8am to go to class
Busywork given in class to take home
The Metro
Taking the Metro to work retail
Professors who don’t give a shit and don’t bother to develop a real lesson plan or show up for class and then have the nerve to threaten to fail you
Going to class at Howard University

Am I sensing a theme?

Maybe I’m just being bitchy. I dunno. But I am taking Ls from every angle. 2 Midterms on Friday? 1st one I freaked out and fucked up on.
The 2nd one I was so fucked up from fucking up on the 1st one that I took another L for that. The Ls abound! The Ls are all around me. Sigh.

This morning had another midterm. Don’t think I necessarily failed but I didn’t do my best. 2 more finals later on, I KILLED them, A and B on my performances, respectively. And then what does my teacher tell me? I’m not doing enough, my technique is better than what I’m displaying in class, I’m fat and not losing enough weight quickly enough. Ruined that there minor victory.


Tomorrow I have to go to my least favorite class, the bullshitty-est of all the bullshit class as there is no clear cut lesson plan, class structure or assignments and most of the time the prof doesn’t even bother to show up. Because of this fact, and the fact that I can’t sing apparently even though I’ve been doing it well all my life, he is threatening to fail me. I am inventing new and inventive ways to skin a live man.

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