I am a Single Woman

What she was really saying is that she admires herself for trusting in him. She went ahead and threw up her hands for that man, just like I threw up my hands for my career. And she's being courageous enough to let the pieces fall where they may, just like I was with my career … Continue reading I am a Single Woman

Part 2

His breath is in my hair. I am curled up in his lap, his arms wrapped tight around me. I'm resting my head in the curve that his shoulder makes where it meets his neck. I'm inhaling his light scent, and scratching my nails through his curly hair he grew out because I asked him … Continue reading Part 2

Just a Note

I did finally graduate despite the bullshit!! Yay!!!!! In the meantime, I will finally go back and post the tons of blogs that I've been writing on my trusty sidekick on the go that I haven't had time to post. Just to get a few things clear...*I did graduate despite my teacher fucking with me … Continue reading Just a Note

When Does Almost Count?

Sister: It shouldn't be this hard.Me: I know. How do I keep getting myself into these almost relationships? And why don't I leave?Sister: haha almost relationships. I like that.Me: I like the phrase. Notsomuch the situationSo there's this guy. (Isn't there always?) He and I started getting close last summer after one too many 6,7,8 … Continue reading When Does Almost Count?

Part 1

It's raining. Hard. This proves to be an all around fail, as I'm wearing a wife beater and flip flops. I pace impatiently at the entrance, trying to look out but not wanting to get wet. I take out my little pink phone, press and hold '2' and connect with my best friend. She tells … Continue reading Part 1