Yall Don’t Appreciate Nothing

You ever think you’re over something, only to be confronted with the something again just to realize you weren’t really over it in as much as you were able to put it outta your mind because you had some distance from it?


You ever looked around and realized the number of people in your life far outnumbered the amount of people who really made you feel appreciated for all the things you do for them and for having you in their life?

Just me?

And now to leave you with some words from Christina Milian’s new album that has not left the current playlist on my MP3.

So tired of these disrespectful/so ungrateful/make me hateful/yall don’t appreciate nothing/I played my part for you faithful and trusting/but yall really, yall really don’t appreciate nothing/above me I placed you/like it was nothing/but yall really, yall really don’t appreciate nothing/and I did it cuz I wanted to/cuz I wanted you happy/isn’t that how loves supposed to be/ but now I’m so done I’m through/and I’ll tell ya something/Yall niggas, yall niggas don’t appreciate nothing