Part 7

I always knew that there would be 7 parts. Not because 7 is my favorite number because 8 is my favorite number; because it is the number I always wore when I auditioned and tried out for things, the number on my basketball jersey, the number Kobe Bryant wore back when I liked him, before … Continue reading Part 7

Part 6

It is truly a pitiful life I lead. Stringing myself up fragily between the minutes, the hours between the last time I heard him, saw him, touched him, and when the next time will come. I am a slave to my phone. I've always been abnormally attatched, but the last couple weeks have been an … Continue reading Part 6

Environmental Fear

I have a friend who is in a kinda similar situation to mine. Meaning she is seeing a man that there are "complications"surrounding just being with. She and I talk from time to time about our respective situations, pretty freely because she is one of few people who understands where I'm coming from and doesn't … Continue reading Environmental Fear


I have decided to condense a couple of short entries I wrote on my trusty Sidekick into one big entry of randomness. Enjoy!Brandy's career makes me sad. Why? Because she went from being a multiplatinum artist to making crappy records that could no longer disguise how badly her voice sucks and now she's stuck being … Continue reading Randomness


Ana wouldn't let me sit in the house Friday and mope about the current state of my miserable life so she invited me to a fair. You know, one of those travelling fairs that sets up in a large parking lot somewhere that is not at all stable. I, of course, refuse to get on … Continue reading Snapshot

Men Tales

Here are the stories I have heard about various relationships this weekend...* Through a friend of mine, I learned of a woman who spent 8 years with a man, only to have it fall apart late one night, leaving her homeless and confused. She moved to an apartment a couple of blocks from him, finding … Continue reading Men Tales

The Untouchable

"You know you broke my heart once."This is what he tells me. I'd say I'm shocked but I'd be lying. Apparently I've built quite a reputation back home for being a heartbreaker. "The Untouchable" I believe one of them called me.I'd say that this is the third time I've had this conversation with someone from … Continue reading The Untouchable

Part 5

My water breaks all over my favorite pair of expensive shoes. Before I know it, someone is slamming me down in a wheelchair from behind, pushing me huriedly down the long stark stretches of a hospital corridor.Someone grabs my ankles and and another underneath my arms and lifts me roughly onto a white bed before I … Continue reading Part 5

New Music

While most people look forward to summer for the warm weather, less clothes, and blockbuster movies, I look forward to the new music. Most artists come out with abums around summer time, some as early as spring break, because one of the best ways to launch an album is a great club banger or street … Continue reading New Music