I Love This Game

I was sitting at ESPN Zone watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals and with the opening montage of the greats that have stepped foot on a court, and the younger stars that I have truly grown up on, I felt my heart kinda tug a little. Every since playing point guard when I was younger, I have had such an attatchment to this game. I love sports period, but basketball does something for me. To see the heart and passion and love of the game so many players have without them being hidden behind pounds of equipment is just amazing.

I remember when I was in high school I got the opportunity to go to a Sixers game, one of AI’s first when he got in the league. My mouth dropped open early in the first quarter and stayed that way everytime the man stepped on the court. He plays so hard, with such passion that it is electrifying to watch. The same with D. Wade. He is such a physical player, plays with such heart, his love for the game is so evident that it can’t help but to draw you in. And Shaq is clearly the most dominate player in the league. 7 feet, 325 pounds of sheer power. I love to watch him run over players on the court. I love Mark Cuban, even though I hope his team loses. To see an owner who loves the game, who is vocal, didn’t just by a stake in it to make money but who stands on the sidelines in a jersey and jeans and yells at the refs as though he was a coach…well it makes me smile.

Really this is the greatest game ever played. And everytime the season starts up, I am reminded of it. That is all.

Oh and P.S. ESPN Zone has TVs mounted on the ceiling over every stall in the bathroom. I will have this feature in my house. No TV in the bedroom, but definitely one in the bathroom.

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