New Music

While most people look forward to summer for the warm weather, less clothes, and blockbuster movies, I look forward to the new music. Most artists come out with abums around summer time, some as early as spring break, because one of the best ways to launch an album is a great club banger or street anthem people can blast in their cars. Since I have so much time on my hands being an unemployed recent grad and all, I’m loving all the music my friends who work in radio are sending me. CDs and singles I think you should look out for:

“De ja Vu” Beyonce’s newest single. Sounds like nothing you heard on Dangerously in Love. (Thank God.) Even though she stuck to the predictable formula of putting Jay-Z on a lead single that, musically speaking, might otherwise prove not to be commercially viable enough, it’s till pretty damn catchy and will be something girls will love all summer just like “Crazy in Love”. Let’s see if she comes up with a signature dance to this one.

“Promiscuous” by Nelly Fertado. When I 1st heard this single a few months ago, I instantly recognized Nelly’s voice but was so disappointed in her choice. Was this the same kinda off kilter “I’m Like a Bird” singer cooing to a Timberland beat? However, the more I hear it, the more I like it. Its catchy without being too stupid, and resembles the kind of coy exchanges you might hear at the begininng of a flirtation when one person is trying to impress the other. And the advanced tracks I’ve heard from Get Loose are really nice.

“Ain’t no Other Man” The Voice is back with this new Christina Aguilera single featuring big horns blended over a semi-hip hop track that make a kinda new age big band sound. I wasn’t too sure about how her new concept ablum was gonna turn out (a dual disk concept album with 1st disc being newer hiphop fused jazz and big band sounds and the 2nd being more jazz singles Back to Basics), but she sounds better than ever and if this single is any idication her album will be even better than the current classic Stripped.

“U and Dat” I’m almost ashamed of myself for liking this song considering it’s content, but it’s so DAMN CATCHY and it features one of my favorite underrated artists of all time, Kandi from Xscape. So while I’m not exactly a huge E40 fan, and I’m even less fond of T-Pain, this is a pretty great club song.

“Drive Slow Remix” Ok I’m more than slightly biased because the remix features T.I. but is a pretty great song that was good as an album track but made great by Kanye’s added strings in the background and a little chopped and screwed section towards the end.

“Mr. Me Too” The Clipse come back with this Pharrell produced single that lack the lyrical prowess they’ve shown on past tracks but more than makes up for it with funny one liners and a dry delivery about posers and fakers.

“The Mighty O” Again I’m sure I’m biased because they’re from Atlanta, but this track sounds like classic Outkast. It’s catchy, a little off center from what you usually hear, and features extra long verses from both Big Boi and Andre 3000 that are heavy with lyrics you have to actually LISTEN to but manages to avoid getting too drowsy with the use of funny one liners and plenty of southernplayeristiccadillac type swagger that long time fans will recognize. They sound a little less Speakerboxx/The Love Below and more ATLiens, but it’s a welcome bridge between both albums.

“Buttons” Again really, ashamed of myself but the Pussycat Dolls have made this DAMN catchy song that is saved from sounding too cheesy with a guest appearance from Snoop Dogg. It walks the well trodden line between being sexually suggestive and still fun like a Britney Spears song, but the Indian inspired Scott Storch track gives it a little more grown up sex appeal.

I think that’s it for my mini-Rolling Stone style reviews. Got any you wanna add to the list?

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