10 Reasons Why Moving to Houston Sucks

Shani impressed upon me the importance of making lists to organize what I’m feeling so I figured there was no better way to explain how much me moving to Houston sucks than to organize it all in a list. Here goes:

1. Houston is HOT. Very fuckin’ hot. All the time.

2. Houston is very country. And not the friendly, laid back kinda country I’m used to but rather of the racist, redneck variety. Boo.

3. Joy does not live in Houston. But rather in Atlanta, which is where I should be. I, like she, was under the impression that I would only have to be without her for 4 years for college. Sucks.

4. My mother lives in Houston. In the same house where I will be living. Not a good combination.

5. Did I mention the hot?

6. I don’t know anyone in Houston. Not. A. Soul.

7. I don’t have a job in Houston. Because see #6.

8. God it is FUCKING HOT there.

9. I’m fairly certain that I might have to ACTUALLY kill my own mother with my bare manicured hands (which are a delightful shade of pink that might actually meet my mother’s standards of what is ladylike.)

10. Houston is not Atlanta.

The End.

There are more but I’m getting more depressed with every numeral.