Men Tales

Here are the stories I have heard about various relationships this weekend…

* Through a friend of mine, I learned of a woman who spent 8 years with a man, only to have it fall apart late one night, leaving her homeless and confused. She moved to an apartment a couple of blocks from him, finding a place that she could afford that was still convienient to her job. 8 months later she began dating a new man, wonderful guy, treats her like a queen, best sex she ever had. Enter the ex… coming by at all hours of the night, calling thousands of times a day, threatening her and whoever she might have been spending time with. He knows what her new man’s car looks like, keeps track of whenever he comes over and spends the night. Clocks her every move, and is now threatening her newfound relationship…oh and her life.

* I also have a friend who has been seeing a guy for about 8 months, a man who said he loved her and wanted to marry her. They wanted the same things, the same life, had begun planning for it together, even started planning a vacation together. Only he neglected to tell her that his relationship with his girlfriend was not as over as he allowed her to believe. Did I mention they all work together? And the girlfriend tracked my friend down, sent her a viscious email, and helped spread some not so nice rumors about her around the company. And then he called my friend…not to explain…but rather to ask my friend to lie to his girlfriend so he could get back with her.

* Girl meets boy. Boy pursues girl extra hard. Girl doesn’t give boy time of day. Boy keeps trying. Girl caves in. Girl and boy move in together. Girl comes home from work one day to find boy in bed…with another boy.

These are just snippets of the relationships that I have heard about this weekend. And it leaves me to wonder…is this what I have to look forward to in a relationship? Is this what I’ve been missing? Why does anyone do this to themselves for it to just fall apart this way?

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