I have decided to condense a couple of short entries I wrote on my trusty Sidekick into one big entry of randomness. Enjoy!

Brandy’s career makes me sad. Why? Because she went from being a multiplatinum artist to making crappy records that could no longer disguise how badly her voice sucks and now she’s stuck being a spokesmodel for the tackiest wig company alive. Oh and judging that bootleg reality talent show on TV.

I am in love with Mark Cuban. Because he is rude. And honest. And it is soooo friggin’ refreshing. After the Mavs lost the finals (GOOOOO HEAT!!!) he was irreverant, short and just plain rude to reporters that asked him stupid questions. After the dumb bitch sports anchor that I hate asked him, “Mark do you consider this the worst loss in franchise history?” He replied, “Oh come on. Ask me a real fucking question.” I heart he. WTF?!? What kinda question is that? The franchise he single handedly helped rebuild just lost their 1st championship run. Why would you ask him that? All through his interviews, he stayed ornery, irritable and mean to the idiots n the press. And I heart he.

I wonder if Tori Spelling can actually make a career for herself now that her daddy has passed. Although So NoTORIous is a guilty pleasure of mine, it’s impossible to really fathom her having an ACTUAL career that isn’t on an Aaron Spelling produced show.

Why can’t Christina Milian catch a break? Def Jam dropped her, Nick Cannon fucked her over, she’s dating the wackest man alive. I wanna hug her.

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