A wouldn’t let me sit in the house Friday and mope about the current state of my miserable life so she invited me to a fair. You know, one of those traveling fairs that sets up in a large parking lot somewhere that is not at all stable. I, of course, refused to get on any rides but somehow the girls convince me to get on some spinning contraption that looks like it might fly away at any moment.

While trying to keep my stomach from finding it’s way into my throat and choking me to death, it occurred to me that I was actually enjoying myself. Up there yelling and laughing with the three of them made me realize that this is truly what I’m gonna miss about my life here in DC; these random adventures we find ourselves on, doing things we said we’d never do.

I wish I could take a snapshot of it and freeze just that moment. Have some tangible, physical evidence of the moment so I’d never forget it, so the colors would never lose their vibrancy.

This is what I’ll remember when I’m gone. A couple tears, lots of laughter and giggles, someone to call when I needed someone to talk to, someone to hang out with, someone to design my MySpace page for me. (LOL) It isn’t much, but for someone who isn’t very close to family, it’s all I have.

And somehow, it’s enough.

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