Just a P.S. to the Post Below

I forgot one!!!"I be schoolin' these young bitches my nigga. My bitches go ta class like niggas be goin' ta werk bruh. An' bitches ain't dismissed 'til I rang dey bell."LMFAO!!!Living in Texas is gonna kill me.

L is for Loser

I am a loser.I've never been so sure of it in all my life. I remember writing some posts a couple months back about how I was ready to graduate, ready to take on the world and apply my freshly acquired Howard knowledge.But now...Notsomuch.I'm a loser.All the people I know are doing great and wonderful … Continue reading L is for Loser


Wanna read something funny? And not just funny but fall-down-on-the-floor-kick-your-legs-up-in-the-air-screaming-laughing-crying-tears-rolling-down-your-face funny? Well then go read this:http://www.capricana.blogspot.com/Because it's funny. Because it's sad. Because it's a good reason to never be in a relationship. Oh and if you live in DC pass the word along to the ladies: the dogs are on the prowl!!!!