Either I’m a Lil Crazy or…

…blogging has a way of making you feel close to people you’ve never really met. I talk about you blog folks all the time, refer people to your sites, and even found myself today going, “Well my friend Jameil says…” I don’t KNOW Jameil!! Never met her! EVER. LOL

But I guess the annonimity (sp?) of blogging has certainly inspired many to have conversations with strangers we wouldn’t even have with some of our closest friends. And even hearing about the everyday mundane work/family/driving/shopping stories of the lives that are connected through these internet circles makes you feel less like you’re reading about a stranger and moreso like you’re catching up with your girlfriend on the phone after a particularly long day. And certainly sharing your most vulnerable layers with people and listening to their wisdom (or biases) certainly has a way of making you feel pretty connected with people. Even if you don’t know what they look like, you know them, don’t you?

Anyway, just a random thought.

I have at least 1,836 posts to get off my sidekick and onto here so I’ll work on it. Be looking for lots of updates and stuff.

Oh and does anyone know something i can put in my naturally curly hair everyday that will :
* condition it
* define the curls
* make it shiny
* make it smell good
* not weigh my hair down so I look like a large poodle is laying on my head

Let me know. Thanks!

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