L is for Loser

I am a loser. I’ve never been so sure of it in all my life.

I remember writing some posts a couple months back about how I was ready to graduate, ready to take on the world.
But now…
Not so much.

I’m a loser.

All the people I know are doing great and wonderful things and I am truly happy for them because they are beautiful and talented and work hard and they deserve it.

But I am a loser.
And I SWEAR I’m only like 7% jealous.
(percentages subject to change based upon the number of unpaid bills at any time on my bedside table, number of drinks consumed, and how many weekends I spend hanging out with my mother because I don’t have any friends.)

I’m gonna be one of those waitresses with a useless degree that spends their 45th birthday crying over ramen.


Did I mention I’m a loser?

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