Back in the Days When I Was Young I’m not a Kid Anymore, but Somedays I Sit and Wish I was a Kid Again…

Blatant stealing

How old were you?
Then: 12
Now: 22.

Where did you work?
Then: I was actually working a secretary in a law office during the summer back when I thought my initials meant I was study law
Now: sigh. nowhere. I’m a loser Howard graduate.

Where did you live?
Then: Atlanta. I think around that time I had just moved to College Park
Now: Stupid Houston

How was your hairstyle?
Then: It was long and black. I used to wear alot of french rolls and fingerwaves. What?!? IT WAS IN STYLE THEN!!!
Now: a bob that’s a lil below my chin, kinda a reddish color or some sort due to the amalgamation of colors that have been in my hair in the last year

Did you wear contacts?
Then: Nope I was all about my glasses like V said.
Now: Hell yes. The glasses were really not moisturizing my situation or perserving my sexy

Did you wear glasses?
Then: See above.
Now: See above.

Which of your pets was still alive?
Then: I think at that point we had Black Bear, Tina, Simba, Mr. Turtle and GP the Guinea Pig.
Now: Simba and Tina are still alive. Black Bear died as a puppy. Mr Turtle suffocated himself, GP died of natural causes (my brother)

Who was your boyfriend?
Then: Robert. I spent like, 42 years with that boy LOL
Now: I don’t really have one, kinda. I’m “single”. Let’s leave it there

Who was your celebrity crush?
Then: HAHAHA ok don’t laugh but I was CRAZY about Andrew Keegan. LMAO!!! I had a secret thing for white boys. And kinda still do… but that’s another post.
Now: T.I., Angelina Jolie

How many piercings did you have?
Then: Just my ears
Now: Still my ears, I took the others out. But I wanna get them all redone and add an industrial to my ear and another… *ahem* “special” one

How many tattoos did you have?
Then: Nigga I was 12!!!
Now: Four. I want 2 more

Who was you favorite singer/band?
Then: I was always a big Mariah person. Janet too.
Now: Still a Mariah and Janet person. You can add Aguilerra, Stevie Wonder to that

Had you smoked a cigarette?
Then: Yeah. I was a bad ass kid
Now: I haven’t in quite awhile

Had you gotten drunk?
Then: Nope
Now: LMAO! Maaaaaaaaan, graduation weekend was NO JOKE lol

What kind of car did you drive?
Then: hahaha I was 12 dog lol
Now: a Sebring. It’s my mama’s. It doesn’t go fast enough. I need something w/a HEMI. 🙂

Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006?
HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO. Well kinda. I figured I would have graduated from school by now, and that’s done. Now just to make the next part of the “La Takes Over the World” Plan into effect…

And here a few hopeful predictions for what I’ll be doing 10 years from now…

Age: 32. Is this really a prediction in as much as it’s fact? lol

Job: very successful, very famous singer/actress/entreponigga/philnathripist

Location: I’d like to be back in Atl but I know I wanna house in Miami

Hairstyle: probably really long. It’s just so easy to pull back in a ponytail

Family: Um… does my sister count?

Contacts/Glasses: Contacts. Tired of my glasses falling off my face.

Pets: I really want a pit and a golden retriever

Boyfriend: Yeah if I have time

Celebrity Crush: probably still T.I. Swag like that never dies

Piercings/Tattoos: I might get a couple more tattoos. But I’m sure I will have taken out most of my piercings by the. Except for “that one”. Gotta keep the sex life interesting.

Favorite Artist/Band/Singer: Still the same people. I don’t see them falling off.

Home: Nice place in Atl and one in Miami with LOTS of windows

Accomplishments: I’d like to have a couple Grammys and Oscars by then. Hopefully have at least one of the hospices open and working towards getting the plans finalized for my school

Volunteer Work: I’d like to open 3 AIDS hospices of sorts in NY, San Francisco, and Atl and a performing arts high school in Atl

My Ride: Probably a Land Rover. and something smaller. probably a Benz of some sort. Hopefully by then I will have found my vintage Mustang and GTO

Drinking: Probably not as bad as the college years, but some.

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