The Love List

Joy did it so I’m copying

– Chunky sweaters
– When people bite my style
– When people contradict themselves like, “Bitch I’m a christian!!!” whaaat?!? Lol
– My sidekick3
– Everything TI has ever touched
– Big trucks
– Red
– Sourdough chicken sandwhiches from Jack-in-the Box
– Driving REALLY fast
– Using my cleavage to get out of the tickets I get because of above. Hey if I gotta have a period, I say this is balanced
– Listening to joy ramble
Shani’s hair. Its so shiny!
– Mangofest smoothies from Smoothie King
– Kappas
– Cherry Limeades from Sonic
– anything Stevie Wonder has ever touched
– My daddys fried chicken
– The little bear my 1st love bought me in the 7th grade
– Southern music
– Basketball
– Having my man wash my hair
– Being tickled
– Shania twain (Don’t you judge me.)
– Things that are shiny (see shani’s hair)
– Re-runs of sex and the city that I can recite ad nauseum
– Reeeeaaaaly high heels
– Pantene make hair curly stuff thanks to Jameil and poodle haired line sister
– Carol’s daughter products
– The sound of baby laughter
– My blog

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