More Stuff Because I Can’t Come up With an Original Post

HAHAHA my friends are silly, a lil racist… and oddly insightful. Reminds me of why I’m happy to be off-white. LOL

pizo2205: Dangling is what I’m doing
lalafrmatl: lol what’s wrong?
pizo2205: At the UPS line or whatever, they waiting for the truck with my package to come in. Fuck the fact that they was supposed to be here at 8, and that I live a short field goal away from the fucking store. Niggas. We’re not even in a store, we’re standing in line outside a fucking warehouse like welfare babies waiting on free cheese and peanut butter
lalafrmatl: u cant get right LMAO!
pizo2205: Not jiffy, but the hard ass peanut butter that breaks plastic knives
lalafrmatl: oooh the kind with the lumps in it?
pizo2205: And not velveeta, but the hard ass cheese you gotta hold down like you cutting thru a fire log. This is bullshit
lalafrmatl: if it makes you feel better, u are entertaining the hell outta me right now
pizo2205: Niggas can’t do shit right. Nothing
lalafrmatl: when is the truck supposed to get there?
pizo2205: He said 8
pizo2205: He said 8:15
pizo2205: Now he checking again
pizo2205: Tell a nigga sneeze, he cough. Tell a nigga jump, he fall. Tell a nigga get money, he quit his job to work on the block slanging rocks for less money, longer hours, no insurance, and more math
lalafrmatl: but if he’s lucky, he’s got a chick that loves him enough to cook his shit for him (this comes from a earlier conversation about the lack of romance in rap music. It is directly related to a Rick Ross song where he says he cooks his chick lobster tails and she cook his crack. You know, old fashioned romance)
pizo2205: If he’s lucky. And chances are the lazy hoe can’t cook shit else
lalafrmatl: ay if you can cook crack what else do you need to be able to cook? Niggas is greedy
pizo2205: You get a package, you deliver package. If I go home, you give it back to ups store closest to my house you fucking idiot. How hard is that? It’s a very simple ass concept but niggas will find a way
pizo2205: Only niggas build a country under forced labor, get free, get rights and then say fuck it. Fucking lazy ass no work doing complaining all the damn time living at home with my grandma while pushing a Range Rover on 26’s to Magic City every night talking bout I’m balling but I don’t pay rent and hoes on your broke ass dick cause of your rims ass fucking people. Fucking waste I tell you. Waste. Let these crackers take our music, our culture and put out whatever the fuck they like. Fucking Chingy, fucking 36 Mafia winnin’ Oscars. Did annnnnnybody see Malcom X!?! Aaaaanybody see Glory?!?
lalafrmatl: I LOVE glory… I sense that this is not the point
pizo2205: Hard out here for a pimp was the funniest song ever, I thought the movie was a comedy, crackers on the other hand wait for ignorant shit to come out so they can pigeonhole us as the ignant ass niggas in the movie. That nigga couldn’t rap, pimp, or sell drugs that good, now he’s successful, and that’s the Oscar winning shit we get. Ya think Idlewild gonna win anything ya fucking crazy. Ain’t enough pimpin’ and hoeing or all around cooning for that shit. They actually resemble black people. I need a blog, I’d write this shit. And smack anybody that wants to disagree. I’ve never seen a people that know we’re at a disadvantage and still do less work then other mufuckas. The Mexicans will suck shit out your ass with a straw for $3 per hour. Niggas will quit a temp job the first day cause they don’t get smoke breaks and blame the boss

Ahh gotta love it.

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