Here’s the thing…

There’s a lot going on in my life right now. A LOT. Way more than I wish there was. And I can’t take further complication. And I would think that the people that knew me best, understood me, knew my circumstances, would be understanding of the horrible job I’m doing of balancing everything in my life and would be careful to not make it even harder on me.

Only, not so much.
That’s not what I get. I get added stress.

I don’t need complications. Especially not ones outside myself. Especially not ones that I have control over, that I don’t have to add to. I need no drama. I’m too old, spiritually, to still be doing the same things I used to do.

So I won’t.

So, let me tell you all this, if you can’t bring me positivity, solutions, understanding, insane amounts of patience, simplicity, I don’t need you. I have no use for you.

Call me callous, call me cold, cruel and distant. That’s fine.

But bring no more bullshit to my door.

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