Just Kidding!!!

All that shit I said...I take it back.Excuse me while I go kick myself. This might take a minute. Please enjoy the following old posts I've been meaning to post from my sidekick.I'll be gone awhile.


I've kept many secrets in my life. Many. Almost lived two lives in one.But I've never liked it.There were times, though, when it felt necessary.Like now.There are things I wanna say, subjects I wanna touch, ghosts that linger in the corners of my bedroom at night that I should have long since exorcised.But I haven't. … Continue reading Secrets


I thought I knew who you wereI see now you were a lesson to learnAnd all I am to you nowIs a bridge that's been burned I look back over things in my life, people I've known, and the 50/50 is priceless. I can't believe I didn't see some things that I can see now. … Continue reading 50/50

Ode to Joy

"She said you was a hoe.""She WHAT?!?!" I shriek, the end of my sentence jumping up an octave sounding like the crash of plates on a marble floor."Yeah," the girl repeats. "She said you was a hoe."My mouth feels like sandpaper and butterflies start to dance in my stomach. My butterscotch skin flushes deep crimson … Continue reading Ode to Joy

Psychosensory Insecurity Interlude

I'm sick. Like, physically, literally sick. I can't shake this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I feel nervous, all the time. And not butterflies-in-my-stomach-oh-god-there-goes my-crush-he's-so-cute nervous. Like absolutely-sick-something-awful-is-happening-and-I-can't-do-anything-about-it-but-get-an ulcer nervous. I've been throwing up all day to the point that now it's just liquid coming and my stomach feels like I've been stabbed … Continue reading Psychosensory Insecurity Interlude


Joy and I have deep convos via text. Here; partake.Joy: Why do girls hang around a guy causally and then say they're dating? Even when he's said he doesn't wanna be in a relationship?La: Are you talking about me and Psuedo or do you want an unbiased answer?Joy: Huh? But that was soo different. I … Continue reading MAth


I wrote this like 5 years ago. I was having a roundtable preparing for a role in a play I was doing and we were talking about love. After telling someone that I didn't want to get married, the question was posed to me as to what it would take for me to fall completely … Continue reading Still


"Lil mama learn game. And learn it young. Get it down so good that niggas can't even shake you wit it. Learn game like you learned to breathe; make it a habit. And never pull your cards. Aces only win when they played right."This is something a girl I used to run with used to … Continue reading Aces