Childhood Bestie and I have deep convos via text. Here, partake.

CB: Why do girls hang around a guy causally and then say they’re dating? Even when he’s said he doesn’t wanna be in a relationship?
La: Are you talking about me and The Great Houdini or do you want an unbiased answer?
CB: Huh? But that was so different. I know your situation. And you would never say you were dating. Both. Just an opinion.
La: I think a woman’s sight sometimes is so beyond that of a man that we can see when things could be really good which makes it harder for us to let go. Because no matter how cynical we are, we’re still hopeful. Like with Babe. I always knew we could be great together but the theory isn’t quite as mathematically sound as the actual equation. But because women posses the ability to look past the moment, they’re more likely to get attached to the theory than the hard numbers of the equation. Get it?

Math is a funny thing. It never changes. It is universally the same. Which is probably why my creative mind can’t stand it, has never really been able to fully comprehend it. But you really have no choice to wrap your head around it. Because it doesn’t change or shift. It is simply fact.

Think back to That Guy. Everybody has one. You know That Guy. The one you couldn’t have built any better if you had the opportunity to design him just to tailor fit you. The one that things shoulda been, coulda been so RIGHT with. And yet for some inexplicable reason it didn’t work out. You can’t figure out why. It drives you crazy. He was everything you wanted and needed. But the math just wasn’t right.

I don’t guess I have to ever like math. But it still won’t change. Still won’t make us right together if we were meant to be left.

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