8 Months Ago

"Hey mami.""Hey."He kisses my lips. He tastes like his mint mouthwash. I think it's so cute how he "cleans himself up" before I get here."What's wrong?" he asks me, his light brown eyes on mine. I'm trapped between him and the door. Seems proverbial. I could run. But he'd catch me."Nothing," I reply, averting my … Continue reading 8 Months Ago

Ah HA!!!!

So right after this asshole pulled my dress down in the club, I was standing downstairs at the bar and I realized...There's nothing out here for me.I couldn't for the life of me, figure out why I was there. I knew I didn't really wanna come. I'm barely even a club person. I knew where … Continue reading Ah HA!!!!

Man vs. Man

Disrespect drives me crazy. To absolutely no end. I recognize that many of the things I find utterly disrespectful, other people simply shrug off. And that's fine.But let me tell you what isn't...Disrespecting someone you claim to love, no matter how minor.I'm one of those people that if I'm with you, I'm WITH you. At … Continue reading Man vs. Man

The Return

I can tell I'm getting closer because the trees are turning. In Texas, the trees are still bright green and healthy, even in these early days of November. But the closer I get the more the trees change. First, slight hints of yellow creep into the folliage at the top. Then bright bursts of orange … Continue reading The Return