I used to be pretty impulsive. Well, that's probably putting it very nicely. Because not only was I impulsive, but I was irrationally impulsive. Which is probably worse. You'll either love and admire my spontaneous nature and wish you could think more like me or you'll hate and resent it because you can't live your … Continue reading Relapse

Oh, Fuck This

I realized at work today that it was almost Christmas and I hadn't written my annual "Booooo Hissssss Christmas" post. I tried as long as I could to keep my irritation with this tacky, gaudy holiday in check but everyday my irritation has grown. It started with the house on the corner. Everytime I come … Continue reading Oh, Fuck This

Daddy’s Girl

Today was one of those days that it seemed like winter was in remission. It felt like fall out. And while I was driving and enjoying the sun with the sunroof in Marley open, I remembered that I needed to call my daddy back.From 3 days ago."Hey," he says jovially as his phone flips, calling … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl


*ahem*So... Psuedo sent me this in response to what I wrote down there and um... told me to post it. So... that's what I'm doing. And... well... um, I... I'm blushing far too hard to continue typing.*she runs away hiding her face"From the first time I laid eyes on her I knew this woman would … Continue reading You

For You

"I have never met someone so dedicated to bullshit. I've never SEEN someone so committed to being unhappy." Psuedo says this to me midway through what will be the third real fight we've ever had in our otherwise happy time of knowing each other. It stops me cold. Is this how he sees me? Is … Continue reading For You

When I drive, or when he drives, he holds my pinkie finger with his while our hands rest on the gear shift. (Why we both drive with our hands there is beyond me seeing as how we both drive automatics, lol.) He says my name differently than he says everything else and he came up … Continue reading

Lies, Lies, Lies

The funny thing about lies is it creates a false sense of power, a false sense of comfort. The only truly powerful one, is the one who has the most knowledge the one that, with just a few place words, could destroy it all.I read something tonight, and it made me shake my head because … Continue reading Lies, Lies, Lies

July 06

I think it might have been raining. Was it? I'm not sure, but I remember catching a cab to your place. (You still owe me $5 by the way, lol) I was nervous. I remember that much. So nervous I closed my hand in the cab door. Kept pulling the hair at the nape of … Continue reading July 06