So… Psuedo sent me this in response to what I wrote down there and um… told me to post it. So… that’s what I’m doing. And… well… um, I… I’m blushing far too hard to continue typing.

*runs away hiding her face”

From the first time I laid eyes on her I knew this woman would change my life. In what way I didn’t know at the time, but I knew something was in store.

She has these little feet that always strike right to the hood in me when she wears air forces. I can honestly say I wanted to massage her feet the first time I saw her. I don’t do feet, but she gets numerous massages, and all kinds of attention paid to hers. Her lips are soft and sweet. Some would call ’em luscious but I call her Ducky cause they always look like they’re ready to be kissed, and because they make her look like Ducky from Land Before Time (and because of her squeaky ass voice when she’s blushing or just excited). Her legs and thighs are what a country boy like myself calls yams. Ya know, good enough to eat. Wait, she got ass, put that in there. I’m usually pretty cool with mine, but I’ve crossed my eyes many day watching her walk away. Left, right, left, right. Good lawd. She could ask me to go to the moon and get her a sack of Krystal burgers and chances are if she’s asking while wearing those damn shorts I like then I’ll call NASA and tell them niggas I gotta dub on the gas shawty. Never have I been a breast man, but I have been converted and now I head up the fan club (Eyes up niggas!) Let’s just say her in wife beaters, I need that. Umm damn, yea, I’m back. Her hair, even though she changes it more then her draws is so soft, and I love playing in it. Her hands, which I think she finds weird, are so small and sexy, I always find myself holding her hands, and I’m really no hand holder, but I like ’em. And last her beautiful brown eyes. She damn near had me the first time I looked in them.

I don’t tell anybody anything for the most part. My life is mine and very few are allowed into it. The first day we met I told her more about me in one hour than people who have known me years. Her combination of class and her ability to relate to me almost confused me. We debate for hours about anything from white people* to religion. She’s soooo smart, I feel like if nobody knows the answer, she does. She’s the kind of girl people either love or hate for the same reason; cause she’s really just that fly. She’s stubborn as hell though. You have to talk (or yell) her into taking medicine, or not self medicating illness with margaritas. She always has a bullshit excuse, a very well spoken excuse for her stubbornness, but still bullshit all the same. I think it’s cute. She doesn’t like to be alone, and I guess that’s how we connected from jump; we’re both used to being abandoned. We even get mad if one of us falls asleep on the phone… No, like the guilty one is really in trouble, lol. She’s tough as nails, but sensitive at the same time. Kinda like a tootsie pop, you just gotta get to the middle (that wasn’t nasty, you’ll know when it is, lol). Did I tell you how funny she is, and how she laughs at her own jokes? So no matter how funny it is you have to laugh too. She actually likes sports. The first time she came over we watched the NBA finals and she knew what was going on, like for real. Most importantly she’s honest, so honest that I’ve been hurt a few times, but she keeps it trill and I respect her more then anyone I know because of it. A smart, sensitive, stubborn, caring, loyal, funny, talented, shit talking dimepeice. Yeah that’s her.

What I like
I like the way she looks in my t-shirts. It’s almost like her walking around the house wearing a ‘me billboard’ with her legs showing which starts this thing some people call drooling. I like the way she shivers when I suck her bottom lip. I like how she goes to sleep on my chest and how good her hair smells. I like how she has managed to put me in check and make me like it. Still trying to figure that shit out. I like how she always washes my back in the shower because I can’t reach it, and she’s a lot more gentle then I am, lol. I love how she gets excited about any new tattoo I get. I like her frisky messages from work that put me on 10 for an entire day and how she manages to make me seem like the freak (its about 50/50, depending on the day). I like how she makes me think of things I’ve never thought of. I like how she makes me wanna do things I’ve never done. Then do it again cause it was poppin’ the first time, lol. I like how she apologizes, even for small things; sometimes I just like apologies. I like how she makes up my bed all the time. I can never do it like her so it hasn’t been made it months. Fuck it. I like when she rolls her eyes at me when I say I don’t have groupies cause leave it to her I’m the sexiest dude walking the earth. I’ve never had a honeymoon, but if the sex we have is like that everybody should do it 4-5 times a day; we do. I like how she catches everything I do, even me sneaking to smell my damn towels to make sure they’re bounty fresh for her**. Nothing gets past her. She’s like a hood Columbo with ass and blond hair (depending on the day, it could be black, red, orange looking etc.) I like her style, and even on her clubs nights, I like how she tones it down to make me feel better and stroke my male ego. I like how she manages to talk to me all day while working, showering, shopping, eating, etc. I like how I know in the morning she’ll hit me when she wakes her sleepy ass up. I like how she slips and talks about us having kids. I can feel her face getting hot when she does, lol. Actually, I’m wrong, I don’t like all that, I love it.
And I love her.

*he called them honkies. I chose to edit, lol

** refers to a time I spent the night which I referred to in “Part One

One thought on “You

  1. Oh, gotdammit. This is the sweetest post I have ever read in life. La…damn.I have to keep reading cause I NEED to know if it worked out between you and this guy…


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