aka Jam wants me to shake. the. SHIT. outta her.1. There's only one Christmas movie I can stand and that's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the original, not the Jim Carey version. Actually, the Carey version ain't so bad but I prefer the original.2. I've only had a real Christmas tree once. I loved the … Continue reading SONOFA!!!

Merry Christmas

You wanted to be my friend.I think we both know you wanted to have your carnal way with me too, but I know you'll never admit that.Friendship is such a foreign thing to someone who generally "distrusts everything that breathes."But you... dammit.I've been writing as long as I remember. (Remember why?) And yet, I can't … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Things I Am Thankful for at 3:36am When I’m Too Sick to Sleep

1. Sending Joy epic text messages and her never complaining about my lengthy venting sessions.2. Pads in my most vertical heels to cushion the balls of my feet.3. Being charming.4. Jack in the Box.5. My sidekick, aka the thing essential to all my most basic life functions.6. Cheese fries.7. Knowing that on the rare occassions … Continue reading Things I Am Thankful for at 3:36am When I’m Too Sick to Sleep

The Airport

I've always loved airports. When I was younger, I lived not too far away from one. At night I would lay in bed, my mind whirling with thoughts of the things that my days held, and I'd listen to them takeoff and land and imagine where they were going or where they were coming from, … Continue reading The Airport

My Cherie Amor

There are some moments in your life who's details will never dull in your memory.The first moment you realize you're in love with someone.The birth of a child.That perfect first kiss.The day you or your favoritest person gets married.Your first night in your own place.The moment you realize that you are watching Stevie Wonder from … Continue reading My Cherie Amor

The Phone Call

I am tossing and turning, flitting through dreams, some entertained in a happy landscape, others notsomuch. I'm hot and then cold. Technically I am asleep but I feel myself being very aware of every time I kick the covers away and conversely every time I get cold. I feel when I brush my hair away … Continue reading The Phone Call