Good Head

Me: I think what really defines the distinction between relationships is the thing you found in the new relationship that you didn’t get in the old. Or even better, something you didn’t even know you liked ’til the new guy starts doing it. And then you go, hey! This rocks!
Coworker: I agree. That happened with me and (insert name here). So, what’s something Psuedo does that nobody else did that just does it for you?
Me: (thinking for a very long time) He gives good head.

Yeah, after that all my co-workers looked at me crazy. But that’s not exactly what I meant. Maybe I should have actually said, he gives good hair. It’s the first thing that popped into my mind, lol. That man always goes straight for my hair. No matter what we’re doing, or how we’re doing it (heh heh) his damn hands are always in my hair. And dammit if I don’t love it!

I’ve always had a thing about people playing in my hair. But he’s the only person who has quite literally put me to sleep running his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp. When I’m stressed, that’s how he gets me to mellow out. By the same token, the same touch can let me know it’s time to light a candle and get the slow jams going, lol. Maybe it’s his hands. Or maybe it’s just him. But the man gives good hair.

My hair is so intimate to me. First of all, because I take such good care of it. Second of all, because my hair is beautiful, lol. No matter the length, color, or style, my hair is always on point. Even my ponytails are laid. But really, I think all the effort I put into my hair is really just so it’s play in-able. I want soft, touchable hair. Why? Cuz then it gets played in. And then I get put to sleep.

One way or another *wink*

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