Things I Believe as an Atlanta Native

1. There should be a waffle house on every corner and the employees there should be as ghetto and/or country as possible.

2. 285 is the most fantastic feat of engineering known to man.

3. The word shawty can be used to convey any emotion.

4. A “nice car” does not have to be a car of the most recent year, but rather a Chevy with the most recent rims and stereo on/in it.

5. You do not go to the club to be cute. You go to the club to sweat your hair out. Period.

6. New Air Forces make just about any outfit look better.

7. Youknowhaimean is the perfect punctuation to any sentence.

8. Any trash talk about the Falcons can face consequences up to and including corporal punishment. Or death. As determined by law.

9. It is perfectly acceptable to not use your public transportation sys for anything other than sporting events.

10. Snap music is hip hop. DEAL WITH IT

11. The dances we do are random. And no, you can’t do it like us. Please stop trying.

12. Georgia peaches taste better than any other ones on Earth. The fruit ain’t bad either 😉

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