Me and the Wife are so funny…

Wife: american idol WILL be the death of me
Wife: have you ever heard a person sing lady marmalade while sounding like they’re both crying and having an orgasm?
La: I swear, a lil bit of pee came out, lol
Wife: lol lmao!
Wife: and yeah, i signed on to aim just to tell you that cuz my phone was too far away
La: Oh good lord. I’m gonna hurt myself
Wife: lol
La: Is that… BIG BIRD?
Wife: heee
La: I’m crying. I have mascara in my mouth, lol
Wife: hahaha. The producers have done their job well
La: God bless them, every one
Wife: seriously. The looks they capture are just… amazing
La: Lmao! Wheeeeeere are these people’s friends?!?!
Wife: friends? enemies? same diff
La: I need to go change my panties
La: And not in the good way
Wife: lol!
Wife: loser
La: Lmao
La: This is fantastically awful
Wife: it so is
Wife: i’ve never seen anything quite so tragic… yet, strangely beautiful
La: No one has. It’s like yeats
La: Or shakespeare
La: Or porn!
Wife: or a porny-shakespeare-yeats play performed off off off broadway!
La: Lmao! Off off off as in…
La: Deleware?
Wife: or… rhode island
La: Or…
La: Sri lanka
Wife: or… hades
La: Oooooh Hades is so fetch!
Wife: lol, it IS
La: Its soooo the brazil of 07
La: I’m soooo putting this convo on my blog
Wife: it’s needed. We’ve been slacking on the aim archives
La: We have. It’s about time the blogosphere be privy to our ramblings
Wife: i totally agree. We’ve been denying them brilliance… and laugh-pee
La: AND our humility. And that’s just wrong
Wife: that too! You’re so wise.
La: You know what?
La: I AM
Wife: that’s my humble wife
La: *popping her collar* I do what I can
Wife: lmao
La: We’re great
Wife: i LOVE us!
La: Me too. But like, who doesn’t?
Wife: haters. but they’re just jealous!
La: Really, they should go outside and kill themselves
Wife: ha!
La: Lol
La: So how goes the move?
Wife: i’ve moved
Wife: i have bills
Wife: it sucks
La: Lmao! I feel your pain. Everytime I write my check for my car note every month, a little part of me dies, lol
Wife: my god, yes. And just wait until you pay for heat… it’s like COME ON! Heat should be free!
La: Heat SHOULD be free
Wife: the price you pay for freedom
La: Indeed. The crazy part is I’m supposed to be saving money but I’m looking for apts in atl
Wife: when are you trying to relocate?
La: March
Wife: well, you have time to save
Wife: wait, it’s february
La: Lol
Wife: lol
Wife: um…
La: Oh no I have money saved… I meant I’m supposed to be saving to move to la. Which will be harder once I pay rent
Wife: ohhhh yes! It will be. Saving is damn near impossible with rent
Wife: what about pseudo? don’t you want to shack up?? lol
La: Um.. Yeah suire
Wife: lol
La: About as much as I want my uterus torn outta my ass w/forceps
La: Lol! Anytime
La: To be honest I’ve fantasized about it before… But he’s in DC
La: And…
La: He’s a boy, lol
Wife: “hes” usually are boys
Wife: but yeah. I get it
La: And if anything ever happened, I don’t wanna do the whole, someones gotta move and divide the stuff
La: Though I guess logically its been fairly good for 2 yrs…
La: But, whatever
La: No
La: Lol
Wife: gotcha
Wife: no
Wife: you could always come shack up with me!
Wife: in my miniscule 1-bedroom
La: I considered that too
GA PEACH4584: Except for that, no.
Wife: lol aw
La: I tried convincing Joy but notsomuch
La: And in general I don’t like other people so…
Wife: lol! That too. Damn people
La: Hissss!
Wife: ok… i meant to ask you… have you heard of Amy Winehouse? cause i’ve been listening to her all day and i kept thinking of you
La: Nu uh. Do I need to?
Wife: YES. Unequivocally, yes
Wife: she’s so awesome. Jazzy bluesy with lots of songs about drinking and weed and sex
Wife: and she’s british
La: Hell yes!
Wife: lol
Wife: awesome… she has a song called “rehab”. The hook: “they tried to make me to go to rehab, but i said no, no, no”
La: Lmao!!!
La: Well, there u have it
Wife: that pretty much sums up the album
Wife: except for the part where she asks her softie of a boyfriend if he’s gay
La: Lmaooooooooooooooooooo!!!
La: I NEEEEEEEEED this album
Wife: lol I know! You do! I KEPT thinking about you the whole time
La: You know how my bfs keep turning out being gay
Wife: lol
Wife: ooh and she says the f-word
La: Yes! That’s like, my favorite fuckin word!
La: You know, next to bitchshitmutherfuckergoddamn
Wife: lol! I know! I believe she even says “fuckery”
La: Lmao! That shall be the title of our blog
Wife: hell yeah
Wife: ok, it’s bedtime
La: Ok dear. Night!
Wife: night wife!

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