*written a couple weeks ago*Gray.Everything is gray.It's raining outside so the sky is the color of wet cement. It stretches on for miles, a white-ish expanse of nothing that looks like I feel; dull, cloudy, lifeless. It's raining but I don't care. I'm dressed down, my favorite sweats and a Howard hoodie. No makeup. I … Continue reading Today

On the Verge

For the last few months I've been feeling like a scream has been building in the back of my throat. It's like a pressure mounting on my vocal cords. Everyday I'm choking it back. I feel like I just wanna scream at the top of my lungs.I'm so damn IRRITABLE, you know? It's just like, … Continue reading On the Verge

I am

I am cute.I am silly.I am sexy.I am beautiful.I am thought about.I am missed.But never loved.That is all.

Stace inspired me to write about something I seldom discuss.My relationship with my mother.My mama and I... well...*ahem*It's hard to say. So... yeah.I can't imagine I was an easy child to raise. I've never really been any trouble, I've just always been particularly stubborn, bullheaded, prideful, willfull and rude. I've always been much older than … Continue reading