Hey Duck! This is Just for You!!!

Since you, much like Jameil, have repeatedly denied my requests to turn off word verification on your blogs, I am not able to leave you comments on your posts. However, I wanted to leave you a lil cheer you up.

Also… turn off word verification this instant!!! *ahem* That is all.

Ok! I got 2..

I live in the ‘burbs and went to starbucks to get some crack in a cup. A petite little blond w/blue eyes rings me up. When I leave, I check her name on the receipt…
No bullshit.

Personal story…
It’s been raining for the last 17 years in Houston b/c Texas is actually Hebrew for ‘cursed w/floods’. I’m running to my car yesterday (in flip flops no less), slip, fall, FLY into the air COMPLETELY AIRBORNE, and then land flat on my back in a puddle at least a foot deep. To add insult to injury, then I had to crawl around looking for my flip flops under parked cars, lol.

Thought that might help.