I’m Only Writing Because Joy Tagged Me

So here’s 5 facts about me you may not know. And maybe you do. And maybe you’re psychic and knew them before I told you. Maybe you knew already that I was gonna write this post. Maybe you already have answers prepared…

Really I could go on all night.

Anywho, here goes it.

1. I am deathly afraid of bridges over water.
No really. I don’t understand how they work. Am I the only one aware of the fact that the ocean floor shifts and falls to lower depths all the time? Am I the only one concerned that this might happen one peaceful Sunday when I just so happen to be driving my car over a bridge? Really. Seriously. Anyone? They just freak me out. My heart pounds, my mouth goes dry, it’s a lil hard to breathe, I can’t stop tapping my foot. Fucked up all around.

2. I am super self conscious about my teeth.
They’ve been crooked all my life. When I was younger, I had a gap wide enough to stick a stiletto in. Now, they’re crowded and crooked right in the front. Can’t hide them. I hate my teeth. I always have. Many years ago, I was supposed to get braces but that was one of many parental promises that fell through. Objectively speaking, I know they’re not HORRIBLE but I’m insecure about them. They’re the 1st thing I notice in pictures. They’re the 1st thing I notice on others. I have creepy dreams where all my teeth turn sideways and fall out. I’d like to get braces this year but I dunno how I feel about being a 23 year old with metal mouth. Maybe invisalign?

3. I wanna have 3 kids. All boys.
Ok that’s not entirely true. I wanna have 5. Still all boys though. Yes, I know, you think I’m crazy, but I wanna have 5 loud, ripping, running, climbing up things, jumping off things, playing in the dirt, pushing, yelling, wrestling, fighting, video game addicted, pet bugs having, little league playing little boys. My own basketball starting 5. That being said…

4. I’m have a pretty strong fear that I’m sterile.
Unlike many of my irrational fears, this one is actually grounded in medical fact. I’ve had some serious health issues as well as some hereditary geneology that might very well cause me problems. So, I worry. If I am, I know it’ll break my heart.

5. I’m completely nuerotic.
And by nuerotic, I mean I’m pretty sure I have OCD. I have little rituals I do, a certain order everything must go in. Everything has it’s place. All of my beauty products are arranged from front to back by height, from left to right according to the order I use them in, all labels facing front, all arranged in right angles. My planner is color coordinated. The furniture in my room is arranged just so. My shoes are aligned by height and type. My clothes are color blocked and arranged my length in my closet, and by width (board folded no less) in my drawers. Yeah. It’s bad.

Now that I started I can think of at least 70 more. Maybe I’ll make it a regular feature. Anywho, I tag Cnel, So Wise, and X. Go!!!!

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