Random Tidbit Tuesday

My last tag inspired me so much I decided to make it a regular feature. Today’s random fact:
I have no pinkie toe nail on each foot.

Well, that’s not completely true. They just tend to grow only to break in half on occassion. I contribute this mostly to the pointe shoes and jazz sneakers that I wore day in and day out when I was dancing heavily. Anyone that’s ever danced knows that just about any style of dance is murder on your feet. I did just about everything; ballet, jazz, horton, african, hip hop, graham, limon, salsa. But my major concentrations were horton (a strenuous form of modern based on manipulating the body into angles) and ballet (mostly Russian and contemporary, 2 of the more demanding genres). In my hay day (haha) I spent between 6 to 8 hours a day dancing and the combination of how much I was dancing and being in and out of ballet slippers, pointe shoes, 4 inch character shoes, jazz sneakers or just dancing with my bare feet on the marley (special kinda flooring dancers use) was just too much for my poor pinkie toes. For a dancer, I still have pretty cute feet, but at some point, it’s a possibility that I’ve only got half a nail on my little toe, lol

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