The Begininng

and you can use my skinto bury secrets inand I will settle you downand at my own suggestionI will ask no questionswhile I do my thing in the backgroundbut all the timeall the timeI'll knowso for the time beingI'm beingpatientand I'll miss this bitternessif you'd just consider thiseven if it don't make senseall the timegive … Continue reading The Begininng

Random Tidbit Tuesday

Today's randomness:My nickname when I was younger was Pooh. As in Winnie the. The reason why is absolutely beyond me. Maybe when I was born I looked like a fat cartoon bear. I dunno. But it stuck. I have soooo many things with Winnie the Pooh on them it's disgusting, but I refuse to throw … Continue reading Random Tidbit Tuesday

Random Tidbit Tuesday

*I'm late! I know! Life had been ridiculous.On with the random...I know every word to the movie Crybaby.No. Seriously.So some of you haven't seen this movie. Some of you haven't even heard of this movie. But I LOVE it. It's the god awful horribly cheesy, campy Grease knock-off starring Johnny Depp and some blond that's … Continue reading Random Tidbit Tuesday

Word of Mouth

I have been so MOUTHY lately. Like, damn I just keep goin' off at the mouth. I dunno what it is but it's getting ridiculous now. I've always had a mouth on me but in the last couple months it's gotten progressively worse. Even I find myself rewinding conversation in my head and going, "Did … Continue reading Word of Mouth

Sideline Hoe

I think I always knew there was someone else.Over the years, there were always whispers, hardly ever screams, never full out roars of there being someone else. But I think I always knew.At the time I was young and in love, misguided by the thought that if I was #1 all the extracurriculars didn't matter. … Continue reading Sideline Hoe

Waters Run Dry

I have no sex drive.Like, seriously.This is UNHEARD OF for me. Like, it never happens to me. Ever.If anything, more often than not, I find myself inexplicably matched with people that just can't keep up.And now, just nothing.At all.It's really strange.Just to make sure that I wasn't the only one completely flabbergasted, I reached out … Continue reading Waters Run Dry