Waters Run Dry

I have no sex drive.

Like, seriously.

This is UNHEARD OF for me. Like, it never happens to me. Ever.

If anything, more often than not, I find myself inexplicably matched with people that just can’t keep up.

And now, just nothing.

At all.

It’s really strange.

Just to make sure that I wasn’t the only one completely flabbergasted, I reached out to my ex with this unsettling news.

“You WHAAAAT?!?!” he screeched at me.
Yep. Guess he’s shocked too.
“Girl, that’s crazy. You never-”
“I know.”
“And just nothing?”
“Not at all? Not even alone? Not even in some kinky location, with a stranger?”
“I could not would not in a box, I could not would not with a fox.”
“That’s just- wow.”
“I know.”
“I’ve never known you to-”
“I know right.”
“And now-”
“I got nothing.”

Ugh. I’m losing everything that’s important to me. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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