It Feels so Good to be Back!!!



That’s better, lol.

Hi all. I’ve been inspired to write. You’ll be treated to lots of yummy posts I’ve been writing on my sidekick. In the meantime here’s a list of things that are new:

1. I gotta new puppy. She’s the cutest thing ever!!! She’s been sick with pnuemonia but she’s getting better. Lots of cute pics to come!

2. I don’t talk about my job often but the last couple months have been… interesting. These… interesting times have resulted in me trying to pursue… alternate means of which to alleviate the stress these… interesting times have caused. Less vague info coming soon!

3. I have braces. And not the clear kind or Invisalign. Good old fashioned metal, rail road track braces. Seriously, you never realize just how vain you are til you realize you’ll be 23 with braces.

4. Speaking of being 23 I SPENT MY BIRTHDAY IN VEGAS (BABY!)!!! Soooooo great. AHHHHHH! The drinks! The people! The gambling! The food! THE DRINKS!!! Ahem. A recap is coming soon. Right now I’m sitting in the airport about to go back to stupid Houston. Loser week is gonna suck SO HARD!!!!

Missed ya. Be back soon.

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