Vegas Recap


Ahhhh its my birthday bitches!!! I’m dead tired after staying up all night waiting til the last minute to pack (cuz that’s what I do). Seriously though, I didn’t need to stress because packing was easy… I took my whole closet.

I’m standing in line at the airport to get my ticket. I’ve got on my super cute plane outfit (heather gray Gap Body sweats, magenta stripe down the side, tight in all the right places, matching cuffed sweatshirt hanging off one shoulder, superhigh magenta Nine West wedges) and as I present my ID to the ticket guy I tell him its my bday and I’m on the way to Vegas. What does he do? UPGRADES ME TO FIRST CLASS BABY!!! AND GIVES ME ACCESS TO THE FIRST CLASS LOUNGE!!! This rocks!!!

Once I finally get to Vegas after a layover in Denver for ALL MY NATURAL LIFE I meet my sister at baggage claim. Yaaaaay! *insert squeals here* After a little bit of mix up with where my bags are coming from and trying to ignore our skin burning from the legion of Alphas staring at us, we get my bags, get a cab and get to the hotel. In the cab, the driver is thoroughly intoxicated by how charming we are and we pick his brain for places to go. We get to the room, put our stuff down, change and hit the strip. First we must eat. And by eat, I mean drink, lol. We end up at La Salsa, a Mexican restraunt that turns out to have good food and be the home of the Yard Margarita, so called because the cup it is served in is the size of a yardstick. Ahhh heaven. We end up sitting at the bar and making friends with all the bartenders including Adam, who’s serving us. We tell him it’s my birthday and the drinks shots start coming. One called a Blow Job and another called a Wet Pussy. You can see the theme of our trip, lol.

The rest of the night is kinda blurry. Damn margaritas, lol.

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