Fav Songs

So my friend challenged me to make a list of my favoritest songs of all time. After much debate, we settled on 25. He's gonna gimme his list, and I'm gonna give him mine, in hopes that we can turn each other on to some new music. I decided I'd share.1. If You Want Me … Continue reading Fav Songs


"Hello?""So how do you feelin' Houston?"I pause. The world stands teetering on the edge of oblivion for just a second.Breathe."How did you know I was here?""I know things. How you like it lil mama?""It's good.""Yo, you hate it that much?"We laugh. Mine is nervous laughter. It's been so long since I've heard his voice."So," he … Continue reading Hello

Going Off

I of course have to temper what is following this introduction paragraph by saying, I'm quite possibly one of the most open minded people you'll meet. Religion, sexuality, race, culture, politics, whatever. I don't have to agree, but I never judge. Because that's not what I do. My openess has led me to be able … Continue reading Going Off

just thinking…

For awhile I have been thinking I need to reevaluate some people in my life. I think maybe I have some friends whom I'm more invested in than they are me. For almost a year I've found myself coming to these people for support about issues in my life, and then when the conversation is … Continue reading just thinking…

New Orleans Recap

Seriously.Like...I dunno.It's like…You know?There is no way that my weekend could have possibly gone any better than it did. NO WAY POSSIBLE. It went so well that I'm rendered almost speechless. Hence, the babbling above. Thursday PMImmediately after posting about what a nervous, excited wreck I was, I go jump in my truck. I'm not … Continue reading New Orleans Recap


It's 8:51 and I'm pacing my floor. Psuedo is on his way to town. Actually, he's probably already IN town. And I'm all little bit anxious, you know?Ok that's bullshit.I'm nervous like a crackwhore taking an AIDS test.Seriously.Like my hands are trembling. Sure since I left DC me and Psuedo (who I apparently now can … Continue reading Butterflies