just thinking…

For awhile I have been thinking I need to reevaluate some people in my life. I think maybe I have some friends whom I’m more invested in than they are me. For almost a year I’ve found myself coming to these people for support about issues in my life, and then when the conversation is over, somehow I realize that all we talked about was them. I wish I could say this was just one friend on one occasion, but that’s just not true. Somehow, my support group has become full of people who just aren’t very supportive. People who look for any opportunity to turn the spotlight back on them even when I need to talk, or worse, not even caring enough to bother with the even pretending to care what’s going on in my life.

I get too attached to people. I know that. And I hold on to friends that I shouldn’t because I’m all too familiar with how it feels when people leave you and I don’t like doing that to others. And sometimes I wonder if I’m tripping, if I’m warping things in my mind.

Just thinking…

On a totally random note, I keep having this dream that I have an orange cat named Huey that I’ve been neglecting since I got Honey. What’s that about? What does that mean? Lol

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