We Love to Fly… and it Shows!

Remember when that used to be Delta’s slogan? Lol I dunno why that random thought just came to me.

I was sitting down planing my budget for the next 2 months and I realized, this summer I’ll get to do A LOT of traveling.

I’ve already been to New Orleans this month. Next month I have to go to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding and then to Seattle for my sister’s birthday. In July I’ll be in Atl again for 4th of July weekend (cuz Atl is ALWAYS poppin’ that weekend and my uncle is ALWAYS frying catfish, lol). And also, my college roommate and I will be making a road trip! Yay!

That brings me to the point of this post. I only had 1 roommate while at Howard and that was freshman year. Her name was K. The very first day she moved in, K was so quiet that I thought she didn’t like me… or any people. But pretty soon we hit it off immediately. Before long, I was always excited to come back to my room and see her. I have soooo many silly pictures of us from in our room freshman year that I just love. Many nights would find us ordering pizza or Chinese food and watching TV or playing internet computer games. She was my constant companion for Saturday and Sunday brunches and we spent so much time cooped up in our room once winter hit. She’s the sweetest. I love her to death.

During that year, she’s the one who turned me on to Harry Potter. I’d heard of the books but going to a school in the hood there isn’t exactly an abundance of Harry Potter books floating the halls. She made me read the first book. And then when the 1st movie came out, we went to see it.

I’ve been hooked ever since.

Like really, just seeing a Harry Potter trailer in the movies is enough to elicit a squeal of delight from me. As a matter of fact, I’m going to see Shrek 3 tonight and part of my excitement stems from the fact that there might be a Harry Potter preview. Ahhhhh!!!!

Every one that’s been out so far, we’ve seen together. No matter where we are. Even when I was living in New York doing my internship at MTV she and I met and went to see it. Its tradition.

So, in July we’re gonna take a road trip. We’re gonna figure out what’s equidistant from us both, meet there and go see Harry Potter. THAT’S how serious it is.

Our friendship. Not Harry Potter.

I got lucky with her freshman year. I heard so many horror stories from people about their roomies. I couldn’t relate. Truth is, I partied a lot freshman year, but a lot of it was trying to hurry up and get back to our room to put on my pj’s and order food and watch TV and rearrange our room and take silly pictures.

I think it’s a kinda cool tradition.


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