Shani’s Questions

Seriously, these questions are so good it took me like an hour to do.

1. You write amazing prose; who are your favorite authors/books, and why? Share a favorite passage.

OOOOOOOOH. Don’t make me pick. Hmmmm…. I’m a HUGE Pearl Cleage fan. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. She writes almost like music; it’s intelligent without being too lofty. She can write real life scenarios and characters and make them believable without losing the beauty of the fictional story. Seriously. LOVE her. I saw her at a resturant in Atl once. First of all, she’s GORGEOUS. And I think she’s the only person of all the famous people I’ve ever met that actually had me starstruck. I totally forgot EVERY SINGLE WORD of the english language. Smooth, I know. I can’t recall a favorite passage of hers because most of my books are in storage (in my defense of my shoe fetish, I have just as many books as I do shoes; around 200). I also really enjoy Eric Jerome Dickey. To be honest, I am not a fan of most black lit; it’s badly written, cheesy, unrealistic. But the 2 books that really turned me into a fan of his were The Other Woman and Between Lovers. Both were well written with realistic and likeable characters and a damn good plot, somewhat erotic without losing it’s artistic value, and something that you think about long after you’ve turned the last page.

2. What pair of shoes in your closet/under your bed/in storage is your favorite, and why?

LMAO! You know me so well. Um… let’s see. Seriously, this is hard for me, lol. I have a pair of black Nine West strappy sandals that I wore to my 11th grade prom. They’ve got a strap across the toe with rhinestones going across and a skinny strap around the ankle, like a 4 inch heel. THEY’RE FABULOUS. Everytime I wear them, it’s like foot jewelry. They are NOWHERE near comfortable, but my legs look utterfly fierce in them. I should really go get them outta storage.

*Honorable Mention* these black Via Spiga ankle boots I bought with my first paycheck from my first job in high school. They were the very first pair of expensive shoes I bought myself. I LITERALLY wore them til they feel apart cuz they went with everything, they were fabulous and they were COMFORTABLE. It wasn’t until I fell down the stairs one day working the stockroom at Banana and broke the heel clear off that I was able to let them go.
Mind you, that was well into college. lol

3. Why do you think Tupac is the prototype?

*cough* hater!
Anyway, it’s because he’s the perfect balance of artist and thug, militant revolutionary and sensitive poet. That is entirely appealing to me. With the exception of a few crushes and Will, I have never been particularly fond of pretty boys for the long term. Despite my seemingly being a Kappa magnet, it is usually guys that are… ahem… a little “rougher around the edges” are the ones I fall hard for. I contribute this mostly to the fact that most of the men I’ve come in contact with in life (family, friends, associates, etc) were more hood than a little bit. However, to satisfy my artistic side, he has to possess the ability to be deeper than your typical street thug too. That balance is what I find attractive; the ying and yang of being “hard” (not really the word I was going for but it’s 2:30am) and still have some artistic, social and economic sensibilites about him. The corporate thug type. Also mostly because I find that this particular type is the only kind that can truly handle the force of nature that is La, lol.

I dunno if I explained that as well as I needed to… lol

4. If you could devise a (hypothetical, of course!) perfect murder, what would it be?

How good are these questions?!?! omg!

Hmm… if I had to devise the perfect murder, I probably wouldn’t be the one to do it. I don’t think I could ever kill anyone myself unless it was in self defense. But I would have to be the mastermind behind the whole operation. I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever wanted to kill, but knowing me, the murdered party probably wouldn’t be the intended victim. They’d probably just be collateral damage in me trying to set someone else up for it. It would have to be fairly bloody and it would have to be done with some sort of weapon that would have to allow the murder to get very close and intimate with the victim. Something like a knife or an axe or a fish hook. Usually because deaths that involve a hand held weapon generally are believed to indicate more rage and premeditation, this would likely increase the chances of whoever I was setting up getting the death penalty. I’d wanna be like the puppet master, pulling all the strings but never seen. And then once the person I set up was sentenced to death, I’d probably do something evil like go see them in jail and somehow without admitting it let them know it was me who set them up. Think a cross between Wild Things and Motives.
That was kinda creepy and little evil. Moving on…

5. Who do you love?

I’m gonna need… more information… lol
I love my friends, and I don’t mean the thousands of people I know peripherally from Howard or the people who I can barely remember from high school even though we hung out everyday. My dearest friends (Joy, Shani, Reka, etc) are vitally important to me. They are the people who, when they are not around, the world feels slightly askew. They’re the people who know me, inside and out somehow, despite me being so sneaky and secretive and private. They’re the people who could, if they wanted to, single handedly devastate me, but never would. I love my puppy cuz even when she drives me crazy, she is still the biggest source of complete, utter and blind total affection all the time. I feel so loved when I come home and she meets me at the door wagging her tail and jumping. I love my family, even the ones that drive me crazy, because they ground me, and in their own special, occassionally vindictive way they remind me of where I come from. And as strange as it sounds, I love my blog family here in the annonymous world on the Internet. If you really consider it, you all have been with me through some of my best and worst moments as much as anyone has to listen, to laugh, to give advice, to vent. Reading regularly, commenting, in a certain way is agreeing to bear witness to my life, and that is no small undertaking to bear. I know that long after I stop writing, I’ll still wonder what’s going on with Stace and Dreezy, whether or not Jam has conquered the world yet, if Wise has settled into her 30s nicely and accomplished all she wants and managed to make it look damn good, if Jarrod is producing the nightly news segment I watch every night. I’ve always kind of judged online daters, but after blogging it makes slightly more sense. If you choose to seize the opportunity, the internet can provide the annonymity to be far braver, far more bare than you are in real life. And if you’re lucky, one day, like me, you’ll wake up and realize that bravery has spilled over into your everyday life and you’re a better person for it. Romantically speaking, there’s no one around right now, obviously, lol. But one day, many, MANY, MANY years in the future, I’m sure someone will come along that makes me wanna settle them into my life when I’m like 40 and old and settled in my ways, and I guess I’ll have to love him too.

But only if the sex is good. 🙂

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